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    Modular Kitchens are the order of the day in an era that focuses on convenience, space economy and utility value. Our Modular Kitchens cater to these requirement s as they are combinations of futuristic features put together into a compact format. These are tailored to suit the customer’s requirements in terms of their building, applications, durability, usage and elegance.

    It helps the housewife in tackling the cooking chores with less work. The space management is derived through use of horizontal and vertical space. Good storage practice prevents ants, insects and cockroaches from getting into food articles.


    The bedroom is that part of the house where we go to recharge and rest after a hard day’s work and the daily stress. To do so, the room must be similar to our personality to make us feel the way we should be, but it should also be designed with style, without crowding it with useless materials that would remove the idea of spacious special retreat.

    Besides the luxurious interior design styles, you will also find some down to earth ones that you could apply to your bedroom when redesigning it.

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    The Living Room you've always wanted begins here! From classy sofa cum beds, sofa sets, to dining tables, we've got it all. All our living room furniture is made to order. So after you pick a style that suits your lifestyle, you also get to pick from over 5 polish options and over 500 fabric samples. Need something made to a specific size? No problem!! Your stylish, made to order, hassle-free, affordable home is here. Visit any of our showrooms and come explore your options."


    Feel like changing your interior? Need to renovate your interior? Discover Grosfillex EXAPAN panelling, a simple and decorative solution for dressing your walls. Whether your interior is contemporary, authentic, natural or tonic, the Grosfillex panelling collections cover all tastes and will adapt to all rooms in the home. Grosfillex know-how combined with the properties of PVC, make for easy installation and an impeccable, long-lasting result.

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    Your new room should do more than look good – it should also enhance your life. Starting with the full-access, frameless construction of Kitchen Craft's European style cabinets, we offer a multitude of organization options by axesso that bring ease to your life everyday. From silverware to supplies, paper trails to mixing bowls, it's all right there.