10 years of experience
Welcome to Helen Rumah Developers

Helen – Shinning Light

Rumah – House (Malay Language)

We are a young and dynamic team in the mission of fulfilling the dreams of middle income families. We design affordable homes for the first time home buyers who are in rental and who want to buy their first home to create a shelter for their own living.

We strongly believe that location is everything. So we take care on selecting the location which in turn will get a good rental return and appreciation already proven in our completed projects. The property which the Customers buy not only fulfills their dreams but also add an asset to their future generation.

Ongoing Projects


Helen Rumah Developers is committed to fulfill and enhance Customer satisfaction by consistently delivering the services on time and by meeting the agreed quality requirements.This will be achieved by strictly adhering to the quality management system and through continual improvement of system and processes.

  • Strict adherence to agreed project timings.
  • Minimise wastage of construction material to 3%.
  • Increase of annual turnover by 20%.
  • Aim for zero customer complaints.
  • Quick In Response
  • Upgrade employee skills and awareness through training.